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That’s no Hologram

On CNN last night we saw people making their appearance “via hologram” except that it wasn’t any such thing at all. It was all a trick done in video. They couldn’t be seen in real life by the people in the studio. Still an impressive technology.

Even more so though would have been the use of the actual technology that does in fact exist as you can see from the video below.

Gas Buddy


GasBuddy.com is a fantastic site with a heat map of all the gas prices across the nation.  I feel bad for California, but too much because we’re getting more dark red in the Seattle area as well.  I’d like to know why the price variations existed the way they do.  It’s not a coastal thing.  Because I could see it making sense for the pricing to be the same on each coast.  It really just seems like California is being punished.  First Enron really screwed them and now the Oil companies are too. 

My favorite feature by far is when you zoom in close enough you’ll get a view with all the gas stations and their prices.


This also helped confirm for me that we don’t actually have that many gas stations in Seattle.



I tried out tweedclouds today and found out just how boring my tweets are!  Actually to be fair it’s a mix of my delicious and tweets.  I already knew my delicious was chocked full of “interesting” stuff.  That’s mostly what I use it for.  To bookmark stuff that I won’t remember after a first reading, but I’m pretty sure I’ll need to reference it again.

Anyhoo,  if you’re a twitter junkie go check out tweetclouds to see what you’re all about.