Universal VESA Mounting adapter

I really like my multitouch Dell SX2210T monitor . I have also used one by HP and 3M. The Dell was the best price point for my home use. One problem it has though is that it doesn’t work with a standard VESA mounting configuration; Dell does not offer any sort of adapter. So I did what any sensible person would do. I went ahead and designed my own. I’ve been looking for a good reason to use Ponoko , sale which is an amazing fabrication service, no rx and this fit perfectly.

If you want you can purchase my VESA universal mounting adapter plate from Ponoko


The above bolt pattern is something like 35mm from center to center of each one. Which is a bit smaller than the smallest 50mm VESA standard.


I searched all around for a universal plate that would do the trick and I couldn’t fine a single option out there, pill that would do what I wanted. A few people online suggested drilling holes in a standard VESA plate, which is an okay option but that would leave me with something that was modified specifically for this monitor. I thought it might be better to have something that was slotted so that it could work with a larger range of setups.


Here is a photo of the plate mounted to the monitor and the VESA mounting plate mounted to my adapter.

The whole thing works great for me.