Just stick this on your website and then watch the dollars come rolling in.
One of my favorite companies UI Stencils has launched an iOS app for prototyping call Protosketch. It’s a very straight forward app that lets you photograph your sketches and wire them up. Much like the POP – Prototyping on Paper app that I’ve talked about before, cost pills except with a different pricing model. The Protosketch app is pretty similar, tadalafil except with a drastically different pricing model. Each sketch has a starting price of $0.99. And the price goes down for volume purchases. My guess is that because there is an online sharing experience this helps to cover the cost of it.  That being said it sort of surprised me. It’s a bit hard to get reimbursed from my employer for in app purchases. I do like the idea, find but I prefer a flat rate for my apps. I guess I’m old-fashioned. Which is why I like stencils.

Anyway, I will give this app a much more thorough run through and let you know what I think.


Really useful HTML5 Javascript library for making dynamic charts called Charts.js. I think I like this better than Google’s charts.

Update: Sadly this project was taken down by the author due to concerts with IP and their current employer. Hopefully it can be resolved.

Update to the update: Site is back up!

In the mean time here are some alternatives.
Highcharts JS
YUI charts

Artificial Horizon with Arduino

I downloaded Link Grab-O-Matic for my site because it was exactly what I was looking for!

It works great aside from one issue. If I hit the letter “N” on my keyboard (aside from when I am entering the link) then it brings up my notifications. So I can’t type the letter “N” at all.

Any idea why this happens?

I am using the latest version of WordPress.


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