I’ve released my first WordPress Plugin

So Link Grab-o-Matic has been released to the wild! It’s still very rough around the edges so please feel free to give me feedback.  If you use WordPress you can get the official plugin from their site or if you’d like I also put it up on GitHub so you can fork it and make your own fancy version – Link Grab-o-Matic GitHub

So what does it do? It helps you post link blog posts along the lines of how Daring Fireball looks, only this plugin supports images too.

3 thoughts on “I’ve released my first WordPress Plugin”

    1. Couldn’t agree more! In fact I’m already working on a bookmarklet that should be ready soon. Thanks for the feedback.

    2. I am almost done with the bookmarklet! Just released an update yesterday, but didn’t get this feature in yet. I’m hoping to have the next release out in a couple of days.

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