How to get around Seattle

Very nice introduction to web services with ASP.NET video.

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This was perfect for what I’m working on today.

Very nice introduction to web services with ASP.NET video.

[blipit id=”375615″]

This was perfect for what I’m working on today.

If you live in Seattle you know this is a car town.  It’s nearly impossible to get to some points without the use of car.  It’s sort of sad really that a young city that appears to be full of environmentally conscious  people haven’t done more to make this city have better mass transit options.

I found this nice list of non-car ways to get around town.  Since it was buried in a random word document I thought I would share it here.  I’d give credit to the original author, hair but I don’t know who they are.

Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan

Find everything you want to know about efforts to make Seattle the most bicycle-friendly city in the country.

Seattle Bike Maps

Before you hit the road, story hit the computer – and check out the city’s best bicycle routes.

Seattle Pedestrian Master Plan

Walking is the most efficient, epilepsy affordable and environmentally friendly form of transportation. Find out how Seattle’s becoming the most walkable city in the nation.

Ride Share

A convenient carpool is your ticket to the HOV lanes, so you can get where you’re going faster. In four easy steps you’ll get your carpool up and running.

Seattle Monorail

Check out the country’s first full-scale commercial monorail system for trips between Seattle Center, Lower Queen Anne and Downtown.

Seattle Streetcar

Since its opening, the streetcar has become an integral part of Seattle’s Center City transportation system, connecting the Downtown Retail Core, Denny Triangle and South Lake Union areas.

Transportation Connection

The Transportation Connection is your one stop shop for alternatives to driving and parking in downtown Seattle.

Seattle Metro Bus Trip Planner

Trip Planner helps you get where you’re going with information and schedules for all public transit in King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties.

Walk Score

Type any address to get its Walk Score – a measure of the walkability of the surrounding neighborhood, courtesy of Front Seat Management.


Owning a car is expense, so try Zipcar – the nation’s largest car-sharing service. Just complete an online application, receive your Zipcard and you can begin driving right away.

Bike Buddy

Meet up with a bike mentor to review equipment, map a route or join you for a test ride.

Sound Transit

Trip maps, ride alerts, schedules and project updates on the region’s transit system. This summer, check out Sounder Commuter rail and Tacoma Link Light Rail. Soon Link light rail service from Seatac to downtown Seattle will be available

Washington State Ferries

Come take a ride on the nation’s largest ferry system. Enjoy some of the best views of city – from Elliott Bay.

Elliott Bay Water Taxi

Water taxi service between Pier 55 and the Seacrest Dock in West Seattle takes about 12 minutes. Buses are synched to take you to Alki Beach.