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Who knew that there is a bustling market of selling hair online. If you take a look at the site – Hair Classifieds, pharmacist Sell Your Hair & Hair Products you’ll see that people are asking good money for the hair on their heads. I wish I had this site back when I went from hippy to normal hair cut.

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  1. selling my virgin hair 25 inches, no blowdrying or straighting hair ever,no chemicals or dying,wash once a week to keep natural oils in,wavy brown some highlights of blond in summer some strands of grey,very thick 4 inches in ponytail. serious buyers only please thank you.

  2. Cutting my hair tomorrow and why not make some cash right? about 11 inches of natural strawberry blonde hair, straight and very healthy. Thin but i have a lot of it! can take pictures if your interested. email for more details.

  3. Selling my beautiful, dark brown, healthy 25″ Puertorican hair . In addition its never been chemically treated and It’s also very long, shiny, and thick.

  4. I am selling my hair.Very Beautiful strong , straight ,heavy jet black asian hair. Never been dyed or treated with any sort of chemical and washed regularly. Drug & alchohol free, approx 20 “. I can send pics, email if interested.

  5. I am selling my hair. Beautiful Brazilian dark brown hair with some NATURAL red highlights. I will sell up to 15 inches.
    Pictures will be available for interested buyers.
    If you are interested, please e-mail me :


  6. We are selling my 7yr old hair. She has about 15-16 in to spare It is a rich dark brown very soft virgin hair. Her hair is straight and is cut straight across no layers. Her hair will not be cut untill payment has been made if you are interested please e-mail me @ Thank you!

  7. I’m looking to sell my hair.It is about 18′ long and light brown. Not too heavy ,but in good condition. It gets a deep conditioning at least once a month. I’m a non smoker/drinker. I do not perm or colour treat my hair.I live in a pet free home. It would have been longer but I just cut a foot off,as I was sitting on it all the time. Looking to sell A.S.A.P. Will ship via courier after payment clears. I will send before and after pic’s as well.

  8. I am entertaining the idea of selling both mine and my daughter’s hair. I have 16 inches and she has about 10. Our hair is IDENTICAL. Long, thick, completely straight, and medium/light blonde. You can’t tell the difference between hers and mine. Vitamins every day and I trim all the time. Smoke free, drug free… can’t say pet free tho, we have a cat… not sure how this impacts hair, but I’m just being up front. Please email me if serious and interested at Like I said… I’m thinking about it. I know our hair is worth a lot, but I just want to see what kind of offers are out there! Paypal only!!

  9. My hair is 23 inchs long and very strong, brownish red with blond highlights. I wash it twice a week and have never used products other than shampoo/conditioner. I dont drink smoke or use any drugs. if interested send me an Email

  10. Virgin Hair for sell. 12-13 inches BRAIDED BLONDE FINE hair.The hair is coming from my 7 year old very healthy daughter. She is not an any medications and have always lived in a smoke/drug/pet free environment. It has NEVER been blowdryed or had hairspray in it. She wears her hair up most days and when it is up only cloth covered hair bands have been put in (ex scrunchies) never any rubber or plastic bands directly in the hair. If you are intersted I have pictures. After receiving cleared payment hair will be cut and shipped within 1 business day. I can also include before, during and after pics through email. I do accept paypal. Contact me

  11. I am selling my daughters hair one is black with 10 in long black, the other is in layers and the longest layer is 17 1/2 in long, dark brown. I’m really in need of money so if interested I will send you pics of the hair.You can contact me at 720-364-9441.

  12. I have about 20 inches of virgin dark brown hair that I am willing to sell, If interested please contact me via my email address. It will be cut by jc pennies and mailed to you. I would like to be paid atleast 1000 dollars more would be nice. Westernunion or pay pal.

    27inches long, never dyed, never blow dried, never been treated with any chemicals. VERY HEALTH HAIR. 9-10 inches thick braided
    if your interested please email only serious bidders, no scrammers.
    photos available.

  14. I have 17″ inches of virgin light brown hair that measures 2″ across. hair is all same length and uniform thickness. no smoking, drinking or drugs and I have been taking prenatal vitamins for the past 13 months so the hair is healty and strong. can send pics on request. please email me with offers at


    A’M 33 YEARS OLD.
    818 916-1131

  16. i have 32 inches of german/irish blond hair i have never died it in my life i eat a healthy diet and i properly take care of my hair i am looking at about $2500 but am willing to work with you to help me you can call me at 6269698708 my name is ashley the sooner the better it is really long i have pictures if i can email them to you

  17. I’m interested in selling my daughter’s extremely long hair. She has approximately 15-16″ of hair she can spare. It is dark brown in color, with reddish highlights. It has never been colored. She is very young but had been blessed with tons and tons of hair that has grown very quickly.

    I don’t know the weight but I will assume a heavy weight.

    If you are truly interested, I can send photos. You would be amazed to know her age!! She comes from a family with very thick, full hair.

  18. I buy hair that is long and in good quality. If interested,
    please send me photos with description of the hair (including
    length and weight). I pay using PayPal.

  19. I’m looking to buy hair asap, need 17 inches + preferably
    brown or blonde. Wavy only please. Need to purchase within 2 weeks.
    please emial pics and your asking price to Thank

  20. hello I cut my 4 year olds daughter’s beautiful virgin hair ( about 15 inches braided already) very thick I can email pics of her hair if interested.. I really need cash right now and will take any reasonable offer. If interested email me to

  21. i am trying to sell 28+ inches of golden brown, very curly and very thick hair. I have not cut for five years and has never been died or treated. im located in ludington mi and i need extra money for the holidays, i dont have a picture online but i can send one on my phone if you reply to 9412764719 text please.

  22. I have about 2 feet of light red strawberry blonde hair. never used any kind of hair product, hair dryers, irons or anything like that. girls have always wanted to touch it and play with, braid and stuff. “its so soft! guys always have the nicest hair cuz they never use hair products…” comments all day long from random people, especially from old women, how beautiful my hair is. women like it, ive been taking care of it in order to sell it, very soft fine hair, im told its a very desirable and beautiful color at least a million times these past years… at least

  23. I also have been growing my hair to sell it on I have 12-14 inches of natural blonde hair to sell, plan on cutting it this week. E-mail me if interested. Thx!

  24. I have beautiful long straight brown hair. I am wanting to sell over a foot of my hair. I am looking to do this very quickly. If you are interested please contact me at Any one with info on places/people that do buy Hair. I appreciate your time. Thank you!

  25. Hi I would like to sell my hair.
    My ponytail is 17″ long,and I am to sell 12″ of it.
    I have never used a hairdryer,color,bleach,curling iron.
    I take a multi vitamin every day for 7 years.
    Please email me if interested.
    Thank you Laura

  26. Hey guys, I just wanted to share some info if you’re looking to sell your hair. I have my hair for sale on I tried The Hair Trader but they have been down for a few months. I would recommend trying Online Hair Affair. Its free and people bid on your hair.

  27. I would really like to sell my hair to be able to pay for my christmas this year I have 10 inches to sell. My hair is brown and redish and there are blonde highlights naturally from the sun. I have not colored my hair in a year. If you are interested please email Thank you for looking at my ad.

  28. To Rob,
    Because I enjoy cutting hair. I have never had any complaints, actually the opposite or pleasant surprise with the results and how easy it is to make some money from losing some of your hair. I make it safe and enjoyable for those ladies who do it. I have never kept the hair as the owner can always sell it on ( if there is enough) and make some extra cash . I hope that answers your question Rob.

  29. I am ready to cut my hair so if anyone is interested in buying it you can email me at It is long and dark brown healthy hair! It will be around 10 to 12 inches if I cut it know or I can wait if someone would like it longer.

  30. UK Ladies,
    If you are ready to cut your hair and are willing to let me cut your hair drop me a line at I am geniune and reliable.
    You keep your hair to sell on if you want and I will pay you well and in cash for cutting your hair.

  31. Clearly there is still a market for hair, but what happened to I’ve been checking regularly to see if the site is back up and it never is. Like some of these people I have hair – 20+ inches of red hair to sell, that I’ve been growing for this purpose and now the site is gone!?!? What the heck?

  32. I was informed that I could sell 10 inches of here for $1000.00 and I am very interested in this I have 10 inches to sell. if anyone knows anything about this and can give me the right website or a contact number or address to get a hold of and ask questions please email me

  33. I have about 36in of virgin brown hair that I want to cut. I want to wait until I have a buyer before I cut it. Please let me know if you are interested in buying my hair. Ofcourse, pics are avaliable.


  34. UK ladies,
    If you have long hair and willing to let me cut it please let me know. for a price. Cash paid and I don’t expect you to go bald or have a buzz cut. Serious / reliable sellers only please. As mentioned earlier there are scammers out there especially abroad. I am not one of them!

  35. Hey Nicole!
    Wow its really funny that you found yourself in a blog about the hairtrader!!
    Could you give me your email adress, I’m really interested about your 16inches of hair and your plan to cut it!
    Thanks a lot :)

  36. The hair trader does work. I sold my 18 inches of my hair 3 years ago for about $1000. In fact the picture up at the top, brown hair, green shirt is me lol. I was surprised to find this blog and see that they had my pic up…it was weird lol and my husband didnt believe that was me. and P.S, I am getting ready to see again, about 16 inches. So email me if interested.

  37. I have a 10 inch braid of my hair that I am trying to sell. Where can I do this? The hair trader was recommended but their website is temporarily unavailable. Any suggestions would greatly help.

  38. I’m selling 20 inches of my beautiful straight brunette hair, if you are a serious buyer, and need something fast, I’m only accepting cash offers. So if you are serious you can contact me via e-mail at, thank- you.

  39. i am wxporter of 100% remy natural human hairs from india we needs an importers of hairs,

  40. hi i am having hard time to sell my hair. what i can do about that i have my post in the hair trader but it been a long time .i need to selled asap.i selling 19in virgin hair color black

  41. I have bought several hair pieces from ladies who have adverstised on hairtrader because they get outrageous offers for their hair but when it comes time to pay the buyers dissappear. No one is going to pay several hundred dollars for 10-12 inches of hair. We do pay a fair price as we are an Inc. company and use the hair to make extensions, and you can be sure your hair will be used in a respectful way. You can contact randy at

  42. I am trying to sell my hair to donate the money to the American Cancer Society. I listed it on The Hair Trader. I am having a hard time putting my pictures on the ad, much less finding it or editing it. I need to sell it by June 2nd 09 for the Relay for Life.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  43. hello, saw your ad on GMA, I am intrested in selling. Can you tell me how to go about it?? Yhank you, Shari Babcock

  44. My hair is about 16 inches long, salt and pepper brown, naturally curly. No additives or dyes, no treatment. How much is it worth?

  45. I’m not sure what the value is. I don’t work for them, but I did find the business idea very interesting. I would send your questions directly to the staff via their contact us page. I looked around for a direct email address and couldn’t find one so you’ll have to use the form on the page. Best of luck.

  46. I would like to be able to sell 7-9 inches of my thick brown hair. how do I go about doing this since I dont want to cut it off too early before it could be sold to someone who needs it. and how can I be sure I would get paid for my hair?

  47. I have about 12 inches of hair I would like to sell. How much would that be worth? Do I need to send a picture to you? How would I be sure to get the money, once I cut my hair?

  48. thehairtrader is the best place if you want to sell hair- or even purchase. It does work. I sold my hair with them and i made good money. I did donate most of the money to a couple different causes, so they made that possible for me to do that. Hats off- well, literally to them, bc they didn’t even charge me.

  49. I’m interested in selling my daughter’s extremely long hair. She has approximately 15-16″ of hair she can spare. It is dark brown in color, with reddish highlights. It has never been colored. She is very young but had been blessed with tons and tons of hair that has grown very quickly.

    I don’t know the weight but I will assume a heavy weight.

    If you are truly interested, I can send photos. You would be amazed to know her age!! She comes from a family with very thick, full hair.


  50. I’m trying to sell my hair I have 20 inches of dirty blonde, thick, wavy hair. Its very healthy I take vitamins and I dont even own a blow dryer! So its very pure and well kept let me know if you’re interested!! P.S. My sister has about the same amount of very thick wavy brown hair also in very good health!!

  51. My name is Sally and i want to sell my hair. I have long black thick hair that reaches below my waist. If you are interested and would like to see photos my email address is

  52. I want to know how, or can I make an account w/pictures of my hair to sell-like on the old Hair Trader website.

  53. I have 19 -20 inches of light brown never colored I’m just tired of it and want to sell it but don’t know how. Help. Please.

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