Oxcyon Centralpoint CMS/Portal Taxonomy

Those who classify the information control the information.

3 thoughts on “Oxcyon Centralpoint CMS/Portal Taxonomy”

  1. I have been demoed by them at least 3 times. I love the product, and it makes perfect sense for our organization, but we have already made too significant investment in other tools like sharepoint, documentum and others…..which I wished we hadn’t. Everytime I see Centralpoint, I think of the ‘I wish I couldve had a V8 commercial’……unfortunately, we cannot consider it again until 2014…but we will, when we can.

  2. Our healthcare organization has been using the Centralpoint CMS Portal by Oxcyon now for nearly 6 years. We initially used the tool for our public, consumer site and over the years have used it to roll out a new intranet, physician portal, and are now considering it for our patient portal.

    Due to the weekly updates , Oxcyon is able to keep up and stay ahead of our needs, and to give you an idea, when we signed they had approximately 85 modules, and today there are over 200. We havent had to pay for any updates over the years, (except for our annual maintenance fees), and it has resulted in one of the best IT investments our organization has ever made. FYI- Most software purchased by our team needs to be revisited at least once every 4-5 years, typically resulting in ‘buying it again’, with the roll out of newer versions, not to mention a rather ahrrowing upgrade each time. Centralpoint’s weekly incremenetal update makes the product updates painless.

    I have had to field a number of references for them, and still do today, but am glad to do so. I would highly recommend this platform to any organization looking to improve upon their CMS, or Portal (especially if you are considering Sharepoint, or upgrading from Sharepoint).

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