Visio is Stinky

It’s a design pattern library gallery
It’s a design pattern library gallery

Visio and EPS

I hate, rheumatologist hate, for sale hate visio is blows the worst animal bits ever. This site has tips on how to get visio shit in to something usable.
Mai-lan’s Visio Blog: It’s a blog about visio man. Visio man arch enemy. I will get you visio, click someday…
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    3 thoughts on “Visio is Stinky”

    1. Visio is totally misdesigned and a terrible terrible tool. I despise it so much that I get gastric every time I have to use it. And I burst in laughter of despair whenever this idiot tool shows me another one of its “flavours”. In my personal list of worst applications ever it even comes right after ClearCase…

    2. today i failed my programing test all because of visio i hate it to the ends of the earth
      polytech sucks cose they are to lame to show people how to draw a nested if

      shouldnt even have to do visio to show your code works

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