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How come calendar applications like Entourage, and Outlook, hemorrhoids iCal and others that I’ve used don’t handle travel time well? This seems to be a big problem. I don’t want to schedule a meeting 20 mins before because then I might forget that it included such time. What I need is a way to buffer my entries in the calendar with time at the beginning and ending. On my calendar today I have a meeting at from 11:30 to 12, a lunch meeting from 12 to 1 and a client meeting onsite from 1 to 3. Wait, that doesn’t work. My 11:30 to 12 is at my desk so I don’t need to go anywhere for that. My 12 lunch meeting is a few blocks away but taking in to account walking and ordering and paying, doesn’t leave me enough time to leave 15 mins before my 1pm meeting at the clients office. Arg. Now if the system was built to support this time in between I think it would be much easier to schedule. Exchange makes it too easy for someone to schedule your “free” time. Which might not be booked but might very well be unavailable time. I just don’t get why none of the scheduling applications seem to get it.

Entourage has support for travel time but when people book meetings they don’t use it. It’s hard to go back and modify a meeting request to have it without notifying everyone and not all the users of the shared calendar are traveling. No matter how many times I request a meeting organizer to include it doesn’t happen. I’ve also noticed that when I look at the shared schedule view it doesn’t show the travel time of that meeting.

I will just have to reject more meeting requests.

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  1. We are soon having a beta release of a little Outlook add-in that handles travel times in your calendar. If you are interested in a beta, let me know.

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